#StayHome / #wirbleibenzuhause

This film was started at the end of March, just after the lock-down in Munich, Bavaria was ordered to protect the population from Covid-19. The film was shot in ‚isolation‘ through a window of a flat on the 2nd floor, focusing on the pavement and street opposite. This street section turns into a stage where life in a time of restrictions is taking place: We find communication and support, families and workmates, and postal delivery to provide a lifeline. There is constant movement, a dance of life and survival in difficult times.

#StayHome / #wirbleibenzuhause

Short-Documentary, Full-HD, 05:13 min, 2020
Team: FILMwork – STUDIO
Director / Producer: Kai Sitter

Idea/ Concept: Kai Sitter
Music: Sami Hammi
Camera: Kai Sitter
Cut: Kai Sitter

Sound mixing: Joachim von Breitenstein
Colorist: Kai Sitter

Nominierung für:
  • Best Achievement Award“ at the ‚London Arthouse Film Festival“
  • Oakville Film Festival of Film & Art‘, Official Selection
  • Part of the „Unified Media Library“ at the „Unified Filmmakers