Dennis has met a girl, Sonja, while chatting via internet. They like each other, so they want to meet in a cinema. In this situation Dennis finds out, shockingly for him, that Sonja is different from the girl he knows from her photos in the chatroom. That is why he cannot show his true emotions for her and is in a conflict how he feels towards her. Sonja, however, tries to get to know Dennis better...

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Short Film, HDV, 25 min, 2008
Team: FILMwork - STUDIO
Director / Script: Kai Sitter

Support: MEIERHOFER AG, Bezirksausschuss 9-Neuhausen/Nymphenburg-der LHM, MiM e.V., Werbegemeinschaft Neuhausen e.V., Globig GmbH, KJR der LHM, VPJ e.V.
Camera: Denis Pevtsov
Actors: Sonja Weichinger, Frederik Itzenplitz, Katharina Polke, Matthias Fendl, Kai Sitter, Nima Lirawi, and many more
Sound: Markus Peller, Leonhard & Ferdinand Schreiner, Kai Sitter, Sabrina Kohlsdorf
Lighting: Daniela Stanner, Kai Sitter
Assistent: Katharina Polke
Cut: Denis Pevtsov, Kai Sitter
Plakatdesign: Bettina Geiselmann

· First presented at the Munich youth film festival "flimmern&rauschen 2009"
- Award of the Jury with a nomination for the JuFinale 2010 in Augsburg
· Presented at the film festival 44th workshop for young filmers 2009 in
  Wiesbaden near Frankfurt
· Presented at the international youth film festival up-and-coming 2009 in
· Presented at the film festival JuFinale 2010 in Augsburg

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